brexit giphyJust 2 days before Brexit,there where rock bottom prices for flights from United States to Europe.  These drastic airfares where for major carriers to compete with the low cost carriers that exist within Europe today , such as  American and Delta  airlines.

But now Brexit (Britain’s exit from the European union) brings some uncertainty to European Travel. Even though, 51% of the voters voted for this historic referendum, that still leaves a lot of folks who wanted to stay in the union.  There is even an increase in British citizens looking for Irish passports, which they are entitled to if they are direct descendants of Irish born parents.  The fact that the current passports of all countries in the European Union display that and Britain is changing theirs makes things a little messy for a while.  Imagine the lines in the airport being worse than what they already are for flight travel everywhere.

What does this mean for American’s traveling to Britain or Europe ? It is still uncertain with the turmoil of financial markets , it will be day to day. But it highly possible that travel can get more expensive within Europe, but cheaper to get to specific countries.  This new policy can also effect tourism in the U.S. , see: Infinite Possibilities .


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