neworleans jazzWarm weather means music outdoors somewhere, whether you travel far for it or its in your own backyard.  New Orleans is city that has some of the most internationally recognized music festivals , which most celebrate the food New Orleans jazz &heritage festival that exist  in this fabulous city. Since early spring, there has already been a few key events that are considered to be the “jump off” for music festival season all over the world.  Probably the most famous festival  in in New Orleans  is  “Mardi Gras” .  When you attend this festival, you may call it religious, music or food festival , or even all three. It occurs right before the Christian practice of “lent” begins and end right before “Ash Wednesday” .giphy

The New Orleans Jazz &Heritage festival  is heaven for a wide variety of  music lovers, which is  usually held in April  since 1970. I  was fortunate to attend and loved the jazz festival because its a “purist heaven”.  If you want the purist form of whatever music you are into, the jazz festival is the place to be.  The Festival was the culmination of years of discussions and efforts by city leaders ho wanted to create an event worthy of the city’s legacy as the birthplace of jazz. New Orleans Jazz Festival

The music festival of the next season that  New Orleans host is the Essence Festival, which I have been to a few times since established in 1995.  It is so much more them as music festival now, with seminars on health & wellness, business and life enrichment. Essence festival has had everyone from Patti Labelle to Janet Jackson, the late Luthor Vandross and now the late Prince .  Essence is usually held around the 4th of July holiday ,so is easy to work in a quick 3-5 day trip. Essence Festival

The Voodoo  Festival is also a very true local music festival but is growing for out of town folks . The Voodoo Fest is a music & arts experience that occurs during the fall every year ,usually Halloween, and is rapidly growing in popularity. It is always referred as its  more than a festival, its an experience. Voodoo Festival

Whatever your taste in music is, you always be fed in New Orleans with food and culture to go along with it.


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