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the white house is still the white house

Red Room

w.h. north side

The White house is open to the public again on March 7th, it had been closed since the change in administration. Since  we have a new president the west wing is still the same ,  a great place to go for history. This time is  ideal  since there will be more  Obama family  artifacts . There is probably  little change  made to what visitors have to see , since its all about historic artifacts and culture.


The different rooms in the white house (red, green,blue, dining room, oval office ,etc.) have historic artifacts that should not be removed no matter what president is in there. Any incoming president can make changes on their living quarters , which is not open to the public.  I loved the great experience.

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air force one over cuba

Air Force One over Cuba

Since President Obama lifted travel restrictions , you can get to Cuba where  a few US carriers have been approved to go  starting in August . A friend went to Cuba in recently by cruise (another way to go)  but now with direct access  tourism from U.S. is changed forever to this island . Tourism from other countries has been plentiful , so Cuba has still been a destination for the world . While in  Cuba you will absolutely see the old cars, immaculate churches , and beautiful landscape but there are so many other images that you have never seen.  The artwork is unprecedented and everywhere through out Cuba. From churches, small town galleries, even artwork being displayed on someone’s home is not unusual.

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