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Cruising in the Meditteranean



Thinking about European cruise? Ever think about doing Mediterranean islands by boat, but not sure you will see all ? There are so many options in going to Europe now, land& sea combinations is an efficient way to hit many countries in a  week or less.  Cruising in Europe is the same as cruising the Caribbean, you get off boat early in the day, and explore the destinations with excursions or own your own. Some say you don’t get  enough time at each port, but that has changed now since most cruises stay until 7pm or later , better then the 4 or 5 departure time. It’s a great option since you can get 3-5 or more days to hit the Greek Islands, Italy , Spain and other spots in the Mediterranean sea.

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air force one over cuba

Air Force One over Cuba

Since President Obama lifted travel restrictions , you can get to Cuba where  a few US carriers have been approved to go  starting in August . A friend went to Cuba in recently by cruise (another way to go)  but now with direct access  tourism from U.S. is changed forever to this island . Tourism from other countries has been plentiful , so Cuba has still been a destination for the world . While in  Cuba you will absolutely see the old cars, immaculate churches , and beautiful landscape but there are so many other images that you have never seen.  The artwork is unprecedented and everywhere through out Cuba. From churches, small town galleries, even artwork being displayed on someone’s home is not unusual.

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bermuda is only 90 minutes away

gorgeous pink sand in bermuda

The gorgeous pink sand in Bermuda

Only 90 minutes away from New York, Bermuda is an ultimate weekend away.  Whether you do extended weekend or full week cruise you can’t go wrong.  Only 90 minutes by flight from New York area , with many choices in accommodation types, Bermuda is sure to please anyone.

If you  cruise it will take a day but the ship is docked for 3 days in Bermuda when you take a cruise to this island .It’s great to go back and forth  from excursions while docked while being docked in Bermuda. Celebrity, Norwegian and Royal Caribbean cruise lines all go there from Baltimore, Boston, New Jersey and New York . Go to these cruise lines direct websites and sign up for their email list and get promotional  notifications.

Doing summer Fridays with a quick trip to Bermuda is the best 3 day weekend !  Delta, American , Jet Blue and United all have non-stops flights there. A quick land trip always make a fabulous time…….. See : Go to Bermuda!


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