In planning a major European trip , there are so many ways to book these days.    You can book direct on hotel & airline websites, and major discount travel booking sites like travelocity , expedia and  priceline.  There are also the comparison sites like trivago, and kayak that helps you compare every carrier, hotel prices on all sites.  These are all good if you are precise on where you going and usually a single destination. How about booking a multi-destination trip to Europe without a travel agent ? There is a some great websites to book that help you plan out your trip abroad, one that I found so helpful is European Destinations . This site helps you build out your itinerary with multiple cities.  You can explore your options with this website by choosing the numbers of days in each city, whether you need  airfare or not. This site will show you all options with reputable accommodations and will help you customize a package .

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