One of my friends reminded that  I must mention  that folks love visiting New Orleans without some major event going on. The history alone of this great city would make you want to come at any time of the year. New Orleans is so full of character, with its historic mansions, beautiful courtyards ,art galleries food and music.

The hotels exhibit that cool character with some of the old fashioned traditional bed and breakfast (B&B’s) in the French Quarter, to luxury hotel chains on the riverfront. There are also B&B’s throughout many neighborhoods of New Orleans.The garden district with gorgeous  tree lined streets where many mansions have been around since the 1800’s . Treme , the African- American neighborhood , bigger then a TV show,  offers so much to learn and explore.  Bourbon Street is more than one block , it is a neighborhood ! No matter what you heard, Bourbon St means a lot of different things, not just drunk people with beads!

The antique shops have very elegant & historic  things, whether family heirlooms or just secondhand.

Getting around  on streetcars is a great scenic way to explore New Orleans, very inexpensive and reliable system.You can even download passes to your smartphone and order a unlimited pass for the day .

I must mention the food is always a reason to go to New Orleans. The food and music exist beyond Bourbon St, there are cafe’s as old as they are famous like Cafe Du Monde, which opened in 1862 . Cafe Du  Monde is a traditional coffee shop with a  menu consists of dark roasted Coffee and Chicory,and Beignets. Beignets are square French -style doughnuts,  covered with powdered sugar, always sumptuous with coffee or tea, is was imported with French in the 1800’s.  The Original Cafe Du Monde is a traditional coffee shop which is still there today in New Orleans , now there are 8 locations throughout New Orleans area , check it out here: Cafe Du Monde .

The different flavors that represent the complex history of this famous city are forever consistent . France influence is surreal, as well as Africans that where brought her by way of slavery an dso many other cultures . A great time to visit could be the off season ( after June) , January through May starts with Mardi Gras season , but as I say any time is a good season in New Orleans. 

Of course there is football! Don’t even think about the New Orlean Saints winning Superbowl before all the other football classic games.

who dat!

who dat!

Yes, there is a bayou classic, nicknamed the “turkey classic:…its held day after thanksgiving every year. A classic college game ! The Bayou Classic

There’s really no bad time to visit New Orleans.New Orleans Convention Bureau

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