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oops ! passport expired

us-passport-photoSo a friend just recently took off for Europe last week  with a spanking new passport that he got on a 24 hour rush at the passport office.  We all know somebody that has been there,  they knew where the passport was when making travel plans but didn’t open (until the day they where packing ) to see it expired months ago or a over year ago! Oops! Normally you would have to start all over with citizenship verification(more than a year)and pay extra  fees  but that has now changed . Now, renew an expired U.S. passport up to 5 years after the 10 year expiration, if you have enough time. I have a friend in the visa/passport business who says  latent traveler’s are never thinking about their passport, especially if they mostly do domestic travel.  passport renewal

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  1. Great content. I was lucky to notice this since I was also given birth to in New York State.

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